Rodents Trap - Mouse Trap Non-Toxic Glue Pad

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Rodents Trap - Mouse Trap Non-Toxic Glue Pad Safe for Pets and Children - Rat Terminator Safe and Easy to UseMade of material, safe and non-toxic, just Place it where rats are observed frequently, such as indoor, kitchen, office, meeting room, restaurant, behind appliances, under sink, garage, near garbage areas etcFlexible Design:Can be used as a flat glue board trap or folded into a covered tent-like trap to protect the glue from dirt or debris. Non-toxic glue, Mouse glue is safe and healthy, Glue Board are contains super strong glue, trapping mice is more effective, 100% trapping Mice/Rat, effectively preventing Mice/Rat from escapingPowerful Adhesive:Strong adhesive, safe and healthy, easy to use, it is an ideal mouse trapHow to useOpen the glue trap carefully and take away the buttons on the glue. Then close the glue boards, again open the glue slowly.For best effect, place some bread crumbs cheese, fried fish at the center to attract mouse and rats.Place it where rats are observed frequently. Such as behind appliances, under sink, near garbage areas etc, Once the mouse is trapped, dispose of it.nFeatures:Pack of 3 Traps for Clean and Easy Rodent Removal. Instructions: 1,Open. 2,Tear off the anti-stick buckle. 3, Press and then open, Let the glue appear as shown in the filamentous. 4, Arrange the appropriate baitDurable - Mouse glue has super hard importing paperboard, low profile of these glue boards allows for easy placement, lies flat or can be folded to protect from falling objects and dust, reusable, heightening knob, prevent glue sticking to each other, increase long-term storage time.

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