Electra V-2.0 Laser + Flash Light Stun Gun

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The Electra V2.0 comes with a laser, flashlight and stun gun. Crafted from Military-grade aluminium alloy, the Electra functions as the perfect mini baton as well. It has a powerful 50000Kv stun and is effective even through a layer of clothing. The Electra 2.0 is lightweight and durable, adding to its portability and ease. The flashlight is of a powerful 160 lumens and can illuminate even the darkest of areas  

The Electra 2.0 Stun gun has a toggle switch which enables it to work in three distinct modes, Flashlight, Stungun and Blinker with Laser pointer. It is a well built and tested tool of defence that can protect users from attackers of all sizes. Being a close proximity weapon, all the user needs to do is bring the stun gun’s two metal ends in contact with the attacker’s body, the best parts of the body to stun an attacker are the thighs, buttocks, and shoulders. Once stunned, the attacker will take approximately ten minutes to regain complete self-control. Giving users enough time to flee to safety or call for help. The flashlight has a bright and powerful beam of 160 lumens and can easily illuminate close to 150 meters making night time commuting easier than ever. The weapon is rechargeable and takes 3-5 hours to reach a full charge that can last multiple attacks.When it comes in contact with the attacker’s body, it can make the person feel immense pain and helplessness, without leaving any scar or harming the attacker’s body permanently. The effect is only temporary. The attacker goes back to his normal state of motion in ten minutes giving you ample time to run away or call for help.


Generates a non-lethal electric shock of 5 million volts.

Has an instant effect of immobilization.

Disables the attacker for up to 5 minutes – allowing you time to escape or get help.

Boasts an incredibly powerful flashlight of 160 lumens that can be directed up to 200 meters to help you navigate the dark.

Can handle up to 1000 recharges.

Comes with a built-in safety lock feature to prevent accidents.

Power Supply: Built-in Battery

Discharge: 50000Kv

Power Input: DC 4.8v

Light: 160 Lumens 

Height: 170 mm

Diameter: 35mm

Net Weight:145g

Charging Time: 3-5 hours



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